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Data feed instructions for platforms activation

Below is a simple instruction from data feed company, which provided you a license.

Please choose a trading platform and get a license, and only then proceed to reading the information on this page.

In our project, you will be faced with 2 different things when requesting a trading platform:

1) Trading platform’s temporary license. The period for which a license is issued is set by creators themselves. We only suggest that you download a trading platform from our website.

2) Connection of trading platform to the real data from an exchange. One of providers of such data is Rithmic Data feed, which generates username/password for connection. You get these data from our website at the request of any trading platform.

rithmic data feed After receiving demo credentials to your e-mail (username & password), you have a real-time demo with 30-day period. Your trial begins once you activate the Rithmic system for the 1st time.

Activate your demo as follows:

1) Please go to this page and log in with the above username/password to activate your demo credentials: http://rithmic.com/rag_paper.html

2) Once logged in, please submit two required CME certification forms.

After completing these two steps, your assigned demo credentials will be activated for use on any of the available Rithmic Connected Trading Platforms.

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